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We participate with:

Blue Cross Blue Shield


Other Payment Options:

Uplift Therapies also accepts private payments, including HSA/FSA payments.

There are opportunities to potentially seek reimbursement through insurance with a superbill. 

Speech Therapy

We’re here to help your child find his voice, improve his pronunciation, and share an exciting story.


Speech therapy services can help children:

  • Use words to communicate

  • Build vocabulary

  • Produce correct speech sounds

  • Produce complete sentences

  • Ask and answer questions

  • Improve ability to follow directions

  • Learn strategies for smooth speech

  • Communicate by alternative means (i.e., AAC devices)

Feeding Therapy

We’re here to help families navigate mealtime troubles so that everyone can enjoy mealtime. 


Feeding therapy services help children:

  • Explore new foods

  • Chew their foods

  • Swallow safely 

  • Nourish their bodies

  • Improve bottle feeding skills

  • Drink from a cup and straw

  • Reduce gagging, coughing or vomiting with textures

  • Enjoy eating and mealtimes

Parent Consultations

We’re here to support you and provide resources to help your child thrive. 

Parent consultations help by:

  • Answering questions related to speech, language or feeding development

  • Identifying a need for further assessment

  • Providing local resources to families

  • Offering advice to pursue other related services (e.g., occupational therapy, physical therapy, neurodevelopmental evaluation, and more)

  • Providing home based activities to help achieve developmental milestones

Parent-Child Groups

We’re here to help build relationships between children and their peers. As a perk, parents enjoy building relationships with other parents, too. Social skills are a foundational part of human interaction and set the stage for a successful future. 


Uplift Therapies is interested in forming parent-child groups focused on speech-language development and exposure to new foods. We are in the beginning stages of launching local groups. Parent input is encouraged!


If you are interested in parent-child groups, feel free to fill out the form below and state preferred dates/times that work for your family. 

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